Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jan 2012 - Skype

lulz, my connection just dropped for a sec right as we were farewelling
me: heh yeah i thought you hung up on me
g: never
me: well...either way...breakfast time!
g: or maybe i did. playing hard to get. by moving across the sea
me: no, that's my job. playing hard to get
g: bon apetit. I thought you were a teacher.
me: lol. no. it was a joke.
g: hard to get, easy to punch. so when you come, we could go to the edelweiss lodge in the apls.

i didn't want to do anything but talk to Lindsay Longstreth on my birthday and i can't even do that. THANKS A LOT, ASSHOLE UNIVERSE.


i'd hate to think i was the cause you putting on pants.


me: sorry, i am doing online work. i like video chatting. i get distracted far less easily
g: i am doing some online work too, working on you that is.


wanna come see my lego collection?


i am building some woo right here, i'll tell you that, and if you come see my lego collection the immaculate woo would be laid.

i mean, aisles in SAMSCLUB would be flooded and gushing with the amount of woo i'd lay down were you and i to go on a date there.

wanna make a cushion-fort in the living room and then play with legos INSIDE OUR CUSHION FORT??????? I am an effing visionary.

me: and you can make me laugh. consistently.

g: you would love me. because of my immaculate woo. count your lucky stars

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