Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jan 2012 Skype 2

g: what is your favorite color?
me: green
g: any specific shade?
me: i like mossy greens. or grass green
g: and how could that be your favorite color when my eyes are not green?

g: it ain't easy being green. but for real, if i need new clothes, i can't NOT buy something blue. it's like an addiction....good thing my usual uniform is green-ish. i'd say there are mosses which line up with the greens in my uniform, so you'll prolly be head-over-heels for that too.

those comfy little socks?

"why yes, gabe, those comfy little socks are called totes.  you are effing EPIC, sir."

"no problem lindsay, just an average day of being awesome for old gabe.  i mean, i can't NOT be this epic."

"So i've noticed, plus you've got really good moves on the dance floor eventhough, technically, you don't know the steps to any formal dance."

"why yes, lindsay, i've always been gifted in the rhythm department.  i guess that's why all the drill sgt's from boot camp called me "rug-cutter" and "buns of steel.""

i'd invite you over to play video games but i don't have any.

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