Sunday, February 12, 2012 sonic-ally...

You're gorgeous...get in that camera and come out the other side.


haven't you read the latest surgeon general's report?  it said you need to up your daily intake of vitamin ME


I am about to cross the street but I am not going to look because I miss you more than life itself.


what's up girl? you're looking good, you're sounding good, you feelin' good, you give me wood...fires in the wood stove of my heart. yeah we may be settin' records of ways of communicating technologically...what would you call that...engaging each other electronically...but now it's sonic-ly, and much more than platonic-ally, so yeah leave me a quick message...


hey girl, what's up? wish you here tonight. too bad you're not. i'm going out for dinner and drinks. if it makes you feel any better i'll buy another girl a drink. but i'll make sure she's ugly so you won't be jealous.

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