Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jan 2012 Red Lobster

(there were little icons in the place of the blank spaces that made up for the missing words. too cute, but didn't copy over to blogger)

when are you gonna let me squire you to the red lobster?

so suppose i were in hotlanter, first i'd (call) you to tell you something nice and make arrangements for  (coffee).  so i'd meet you and maybe i'd bring you a (flower)  especially if your day was going a bit (rainy) and maybe we'd have a little (cake) cuz it always goes good with  (coffee).  and dont' worry, i'd take care of all the ($) .   then we'd have to make arrangements for a (beer)  later, and i'd probably just go to the gym cuz i'm (pumped) like that.  and then at the bar they'd say that they only had budlight and i'd be like (brokenhearted) , but then i'd remember that there's still booze-a-hol in it, so then i'd be all (heart/love) .

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